The Nayah Institute of Health: The Story of Us

Life is filled with moments.  Moments to remember, moments to forget and moments to treasure.  They make up the rich tapestry that determines our journey, our decisions and our impact on the world.  Our endeavours, whatever they may be, are often in pursuit of safeguarding our most precious moments with the people we love most.  From the moment The Nayah Institute of Health was envisioned, we knew it was essential that it be built around ensuring that every moment is truly extraordinary. This is the story of why we built The Nayah Institute of Health in Abu Dhabi.

A New Culture

Health care is one of the most important aspects of our lives.  No matter who you are or where you are from, the health and well-being of ourselves and our loved ones comes first.  That is why it is so crucial for us to embrace the UAE’s spirit of innovation and compassion in order to provide a new way of ensuring everyone can access the highest quality healthcare. As more and more clinics have rushed to fill the existing healthcare capacity gaps in the region, they have been quick to highlight the quality of their facility and equipment.  At Nayah, we felt very strongly that any healthcare clinic must give equal weight to the overall patient experience in order to provide a higher level of service.  We saw it as our mission to develop a magnet health environment that championed trust, empathy, and excellence above all else.  By designing a unique organisation of this calibre, Nayah would invite pioneering, world-class healthcare professionals from around the world to join their cause.  We believed a new future of healthcare was possible, one in which the best possible patient care was at the forefront.  We believed The Nayah Institute of Health would change the way people saw healthcare in Abu Dhabi and around the world.   

A New Approach

Access to the latest medical technologies is one thing, but ensuring positive outcomes and long-lasting relationships with our patients is about so much more than sterile equipment.  At The Nayah Institute we believe in the value of not only utilising the finest materials, but also the equal value in personnel and attitude. Truly successful patient care is built on trust and lies in the balance between excellence and empathy.  We feel the utmost responsibility for our patients, always seeking safety and quality over profitability.  We envision a future in which this impactful and inclusive approach will not only facilitate the development of new scientific knowledge and innovative new methodologies; it will be emulated across the world.

A New Experience

Thanks to our empathic mindset and a holistic approach, Nayah delivers an elevated experience of bespoke healthcare to our patients.   We operate under the ethos of our core values so that every aspect of our institution, from the atmosphere to the team, is committed to our vision.   As a patient you can feel confident that you are being treated by some of the finest doctors in the world.  These visionary leaders provide a range of multi-disciplinary medical services, utilising the latest techniques and patient care approaches to improve performance, recovery, results and experiences.   At The Nayah Institute, we also care deeply about your individual needs.  We believe it is vital to ensure you receive a tailored experience that allows you to feel completely safe and supported throughout your journey.  We never skip the little things; every detail is given our full attention.  It is our responsibility to make sure every one of our patients experiences unrivalled healthcare, delivered by world-leaders in medicine with integrity, discretion and compassion. 

If you would like to find out more about the services and the experience that await you at The Nayah Institute of Health, you can contact us via phone at +9712 6222622 or send us an email at