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We understand the desire to improve the appearance of your breasts and the impact that has on your overall sense of self-esteem and health.


Reliable, safe breast augmentation, reduction and correction procedures.

Breast Augmentation

Breast augmentation is a surgical procedure performed to enhance the size and shape of breasts, by placing breast implants under the breast tissue. Some women opt for breast augmentation to enhance their appearance and self-image, while others may seek the operation to correct sagging breasts or rectify a noticeable asymmetry in the size of their breasts. At Nayah, our consultant surgeons will work closely with you to ensure the best possible outcome.

Breast Lift

A breast lift, medically referred to as mastopexy, is a surgical procedure that modifies the shape of breasts. The procedure involves removing excess skin and reshaping the tissue to make the breasts more firm and raised. Some women choose this procedure to reduce the size of the areolae, the dark areas around the nipples, which can become enlarged during pregnancy and breastfeeding.

Our aesthetic surgeons will discuss the benefits of this procedure and guide you through the entire process to ensure your complete satisfaction throughout your visit.

Breast Reduction for Women

Breast reduction surgery is a procedure performed for unusually large or heavy breasts, to help ease discomfort and resolve health issues like chronic neck and shoulder aches, chronic skin irritation or self-image issues. The procedure uses precision surgery to remove excess skin, tissue and fat to reduce the size of the breasts.

If you are considering breast reduction surgery, please consult a board-certified surgeon who will recommend the latest techniques in this field and ensure the best possible outcomes.

Breast Reduction for Men

It is not just women who suffer from breast-related problems. Many men experience a condition where the breasts become swollen or enlarged, either due to excessive weight gain or because of an endocrinal disorder called gynecomastia.

Your consultant surgeon at Nayah Institute of Health may recommend surgical treatment as an option to manage this condition, offering a safe and effective procedure that will reduce breast size and help enhance body image.

Cosmetic Fat Transfer

Cosmetic Fat Transfer offers a natural enhancement of your body shape by taking fat from parts of your body where it is unwanted, and transferring that fat to the breast area, using it to increase the fullness and projection of your breasts.

Fat transfer breast augmentation is ideal for those who prefer natural results and minimally invasive treatments. While the procedure has been in use for years, our surgeons have the unique expertise and experience to use it to deliver long-lasting and youthful outcomes.

Nipple & Areola Reduction

Cosmetic breast enhancement procedures like Nipple Reduction and Areola Reduction enhance the appearance of large or droopy nipples and large or puffy areolae, the darker areas around nipples.

Our aesthetic surgeons specialize in these breast enhancement procedures and will work with you to explain the procedures, their benefits and how to get the best possible results.