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Correcting unsatisfactory cosmetic surgeries from your past.

Past surgery

Choosing to undergo plastic surgery is a major decision and can have life-changing consequences. Our surgeons do their best to make sure you always get the results you desire and deserve. We understand, however, that there may be times when you are not satisfied with the results, even after a perfectly performed procedure.

In such instances, please get in touch with us immediately. We will do our best to address your concerns, and take all possible measures to rectify any issues and make sure you are absolutely delighted with the results of your Nayah experience.

Breast Augmentation

Breast augmentation, while an increasingly easy and popular procedure, does not always produce the desired results. Our board-certified surgeons are experts in breast augmentation surgeries, with a long and successful track record in helping patients gain the breast shape and size of their desire. These skilled surgeons can also help remove or exchange breast implants as required.

Post Weight Loss

The skin on our bodies has memory, and often after weight-loss surgeries, it reverts to a stretched state, which may be a cause for concern. Our board-certified surgeons are intricately familiar with the nuances of skin reduction surgery, and believe that excess skin needs to be removed not just effectively, but also aesthetically. To do this, they use a wide range of surgical and non-surgical techniques like fractional laser resurfacing, topical therapies, surgical revisions and stem cell therapies.


An unsatisfactory rhinoplasty can be hard to deal with, especially when one sees one’s nose every day in the mirror. The good news is that our expert surgeons are highly skilled at revision rhinoplasty, whether it is a minor tweak or a complex surgical correction. You can look forward to receiving the finest care and attention both in and out of the operating room, along with results that we hope you will be satisfied with for a lifetime.


Scars are visible signs that are left behind after the healing of an injury, wound, burn or acne. Some people sport their scars with pride, while others may want them eliminated to forget about them.

Our surgeons can help you with scar revision procedures that depend on the size, shape and location of the scars. These procedures may involve surgical or non-surgical techniques like fractional laser resurfacing, topical therapy, stem cell therapies or surgical revision.

Belly Button

A tummy tuck is usually combined with a belly button revision, but there are cases when patients want to alter the look of their belly button without going through extensive abdominal surgery. Our surgeons recommend umbilicoplasty, a procedure that modifies the shape and look of the belly button. Umbilicoplasty is used in treating umbilical hernias as well as for aesthetic modifications like changing a protruding belly button to a recessed one, or achieving a T-shaped belly button.